Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits will I see when switching my cat to a raw diet?


Improved digestion

Greatly reduced stool odor and volume

Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs

Increased energy

Weight loss, if overweight

Better dental health

Better urinary health


Why is raw recommended for cats?


Cats are obligate carnivores, what this means is that their digestive tract contains only 1 enzyme capable of digesting carbohydrates. Their digestive systems are perfectly designed to digest a meat based diet. They have a highly acidic and short digestive tract which makes them naturally resistant to bacteria. Cats lack the metabolic pathway that humans and dogs use for processing carbohydrates. While cats can digest and utilize a small amount the excess gets turned into body fat. Given that more than half of domesticated cats are now overweight or obese and the most commonly fed diets being dry kibble its clear they are not doing cats much good! Add to that a rising rate of feline diabetes also considered by experts to be caused by dry food and it’s clear that we need to take a different approach to feline nutrition! A raw meat diet is ideal for any cat and fits the requirements of an obligate carnivore. If we consider the majority of cats are in a state of chronic dehydration due to dry commercial diets it is not surprising that older cats have a tendency to renal failure.



My cat seems to be constipated on the raw food diet. What can I do to help?


Many cats bowels lose elasticity from eating dry food diets and for some cats constipation can be a concern when initially starting on a raw food diet. Pure puree pumpkin can help losen stools. Consptipation can also be a sign of to much bone in their diet make sure you are aiming for 10% and adjust accordingly. Your cats stools will be greatly reduced so do not confuse this with constipation. It is not abnormal for your cat to defecate every other day this is because their body is utilizing what they eat and in turn means less or smaller size stools. Visit the site below for more information.












How will a raw diet help my cat lose weight?


Cats overeat when fed an carbohydrate diet as they consume additional food to make up for the nutritional deficiencies in their diet.

Cats have a unique demand for a high protein meat based diet as their bodies require meat based amino acids to make energy. These amino acids are burned or expanded through a process called gluconeogenesis which in dogs or humans can be turned on or off depending on how much protein is available. For cats this process cannot be turned off. When fed a raw food diet that contains excellent digestible meat proteins your cat naturally has increased energy. The end results in more activity due to increased energy and ultimately weight loss.

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