Irritated skin,dry and flaky or wet and oozing accompanied by a musty odor

Sloppy stools, frequent diarrhea

Gas to clear the room

Bad breath

Gummy, goopy ears

Lack of energy

Dull coat


Sound familiar? Help is on the way.

Sunday Sundae has four direct sources of digestive enzymes and probiotics. One source is a 14 strain digestive enzyme blend plus goat whey matrix. The whey powder provides electrolytes, minerals and digestive enzymes. It is also a part of Feed-Sentials. Probiotics are provided by an 11 strain blend plus lacto fermented goat protein powered. Digestive enzymes and probiotics to optimize nutrition and balance the immune system are only part of Sunday Sundae. The first ingredient is Organic Red Raspberry, high in anthrocyanins and catechins. Red raspberries are particularly high in ellagitannins that are converted to ellagic acid in the stomach. Of all the reapberry varieties, MEEKER red raspberries have the highest ratio of “ellagic acid”. This is what is found in Sunday Sundae. Raspberries also have allergy, histamine reducing quercetin and are a good source of fibre. Sunday Sundae fortifies the benefits of red raspberry by adding pure, very finely ground MEEKER red raspberry seed flour, a bioavailable source of ellagitannins. Sunday Sundae has dried organic coconut flour that has medium chain fatty acids, which are said to be anti-tumor.

Organic coconut flour, apple fibre, and apple pectin help elimination. Sweet red beet powder is liver cleansing. Acerola powder has vitamin C, an anti-oxidant. Rosehips have complex vitamin C, complete with rutin and bioflavins, also found in Feed-Sentials. The list goes on and on. Each ingredient has a valuable purpose, for immediate health and as a preventative for future benefits.


There is no product like Sunday Sundae. If your dog does have food sensitivities, then you would want to give a serving of the supplement each and every time that you feed your dog. This ensures complete digestions. Do so until the problem is resolved, digestive powers are at their best, and gut flora is in balance. Mix a portion of the rich raspberry based Sunday Sundae in a moist carrier, be it Kefir (Russian yogurt), yogurt, goat milk, cottage cheese, even non-chlorinated water. Never too warm. Heat destroys the living organisms, the digestive enzymes and probiotics.



Organic Red Raspberry

Apple fiber

Organic coconut flour

Apple pectin

Sweet Red Beet powder

Burdock Powder

Wheat grass powder

MEEKER red raspberry seed flour

14 strain digestive enzyme blend

11 strain probiotic blend

Goat protein powder (protein / probiotics)

Goat whey powder (source electrolytes, minerals and digestive enzymes)

Bee pollen powder

Acerola powder

Rosehip powder

Cranberry powder

Carrot powde


Marshmallow Root powder

Slippery Elm powder

Cinnamon Powder

Amla powder (Indian gooseberry)

Bromelin powder and Papain powder

Acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus) is a common, well known form of healthy bacteria (intestinal flora) that belongs in the digestive tract of every mammal, working with the body to protect it and aid in the digestion of food. These safe, necessary organisms are an important piece of the "total health" puzzle and can even help prevent disease and alleviate illness. There are a lot of phenomenal benefits that come with supplementing our dogs with probiotics, but the exceptional boost to their immune system alone is worth making probiotics an addition to your dog's nutrition program! Supplementing your dogs diet with probiotics can act as a form of therapeutic treatment for a variety of health problems. It can also be a preventive measure against the bad bacteria overwhelming your dog's digestive tract which ultimately makes them sick. Many holistic veterinarians, nutritionists and traditional veterinarians will recommend probiotics to help combat and prevent bacterial infections and digestive disorders. By reinforcing the beneficial bacteria in your dog's gut, probiotics act as a safe way to keep harmful bacteria under control by allowing the strong beneficial bacteria to compete with the bad bacteria and ultimately prevent the wrong bacteria from flourishing.

Probiotics can also help alleviate symptoms of allergies by strengthening the digestive system and the immune system to prevent allergic symptoms from arising when the dog is exposed to allergens. A stronger immune system means the body is able to better handle the allergens the dog has been exposed to, ultimately soothing symptoms or even potentially eliminating allergies all together.

Probiotics can be very beneficial in helping to treat bacterial infections by safely supporting a distressed intestinal tract. Providing the body with beneficial bacteria will help the good organisms overrun the bad ones and can help your dog recover faster. Paired with a 24 hour fast and a few homemade bland meals that are easy on the body, you may be able to let nature run its course safely and quickly. If your dog is suffering from a potential bacterial infection and shows no improvement or worsens after 48 hours, please go see your veterinarian immediately for a diagnosis and treatment. Our dogs may need help getting healthy again!

Once your dog is healthy again, starting them on regular probiotic supplementation can help prevent more infections of the intestinal tract. Probiotics can help alleviate bad gas, prevent bad breath and will help make your dog's body function better. This occurs as a direct result of proper balance in the digestive system, which is where the very important absorption of nutrients occurs. Any dog of any age can enjoy the benefits of probiotics, so consider adding them to your dog's diet for a stronger, healthier body!

Sunday Sundae